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Glass vase with grey bubbles

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• Date: 1927

• Designer: Maurice Marinot, artist

• Manufacturing technique: conical lid with round stopper

• Dimensions: H : 37,5 ; Ø max : 15

• Collection: Coll. Musée des Beaux-Arts de Calais

• Credit: © mbac


In 1911, during a visit to the Viard Glassworks in Bar-sur-Seine, painter Maurice Marinot discovered the material which would become his artistic medium of predilection, glass. As early as 1912 he was producing works in fine, enamelled glass. From 1922 onwards, after learning glassblowing, he designed and created his works himself, mastering the shaping of hot glass, layering decoration (intercalaire), adding inclusions of oxide and bubbles, as well as deep acid engraving. He approached his works in solid glass like he would a sculpture, only their names retaining a link to the utilitarian. Maurice Marinot considered himself an artist who undertook the creation of his works rather than a decorative artist working with a factory. His new aestheticism revolutionized the glassmaking world of the twentieth century.