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“Douglas” vase

• Date: 2008

• Designer : François Azambourg

• Place of manufacture: CIAV Meisenthal (Moselle)

• Manufacturing technique: blow-and-mould glass

• Dimensions: H : 13 ; l : 20

• Collection: CIAV Meisenthal

• Credit: © Guy Rebmeister


Manufactured using a wooden mould made from Douglas fir, a conifer that grows locally in the Vosges, this vase required considerable experimentation and a profound reflection on the choice of materials and techniques. Through this piece, which is now emblematic of his work, designer François Azambourg explored the process of producing and reproducing an object in the twenty-first century. His poetic approach lay at the intersection between art, craftsmanship and industry. The mould imprisoned the molten glass and, burning away, left traces of the wood grain on the surface of the glass.