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“Radiaver” radiator

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• Date: 1937

• Designer: René Coulon, architect

• Place of manufacture: Glass and chemical products factory of Saint-Gobain, Chauny and Cirey

• Manufacturing technique: plates of toughened clear glass, screen printing, moulded glass base

• Dimensions: H : 56 ; L : 43 ; P : 13

• Collection: Coll. Ecomusée de l’Avesnois

• Credit: © Lucie Nicolas / Ecomusée de l’Avesnois


Radiaverre is a radiator made from two plates of toughened glass. When electricity flows through the metal band fitted to the inside of each glass plate, it heats the layer of air situated between the plates. This curious object was not, according to its users, particularly effective. While of little use as a radiator, it provided the basis for the de-icing systems which would be fitted to car rear windows. The designer of this object, René Coulon (1908–1997), also designed Saint-Gobain’s glass pavilion for the 1937 World’s Fair.