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Pipette for acid*

Graduated pipette for acid with one graduation mark and two safety bulbs, 10 ml

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• Date: 20th c.

• Manufacturing technique: torch-blown clear glass

• Dimensions: L : 39,8 ; Ø : 2,4

• Collection: Coll. Ecomusée de l’Avesnois

• Credit: © Lucie Nicolas / Ecomusée de l’Avesnois


The graduated pipette, featuring one or two marks, is a laboratory instrument designed to measure a volume precisely and transfer it to another container. By drawing the liquid upwards using the rubber bulb, the operator can adjust the quantity of liquid raised by aligning the bottom of the meniscus with the graduation mark. The operator can then transfer the 10 ml thus measured to another container, for example, for dilution. The two safety bulbs at the upper end of the pipette prevent any harmful liquid reaching the rubber bulb and the operator’s hands.