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Hopscotch marker

Hopscotch marker known locally as a glette

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• Date: possibly 20th c.

• Place of manufacture: Dubois Glassworks, Glageon (Nord)

• Manufacturing technique: opaque clear glass, caste and stamped

• Dimensions: H : 1,4 ; Ø : 5,7

• Collection: Coll. Ecomusée de l’Avesnois

• Credit: © Lucie Nicolas / Ecomusée de l’Avesnois


This hopscotch marker (palet) would have been made by a glassmaker for his children. Its local French name, glette, sounds like another French word galette (‘pancake’) and the German verb gleiten which means ‘to slide’. Which in turn resembles the French glette (‘gleet’) to describe a viscous substance. This latter term was used in French foundries to describe the cast iron which dripped from the sides of the furnace during fining. In glassmaking, this phase removes any bubbles that are in the molten glass, the latter heated to between 1450 and 1550 °C. A semantic shift may well have occurred, given the historical links between these two industries.