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‘France at Work’ #1

Silvering a mirror at the Glass and chemical products factory of Saint-Gobain, Chauny and Cirey (Aisne)

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• Date: 1931-1934

• Designer : François Kollar, photographer

Photograph taken from the series ‘La France travaille (‘France at Work’), theme Glassmakers and Ceramicists.[Série]

• Manufacturing technique: facsimile

• Dimensions: H : 18 ; l : 13

• Credit: © François Kollar/Bibliothèque Forney/Roger-Viollet


Born in Hungary, François Kollar (1904–1979) arrived in France at the age of 20. After various jobs working for the railways, for Renault as a lathe operator and for the Parisian printer Draeger as head of studio, Kollar dreamed of becoming a professional photographer. In 1930 he opened his very own studio. Appreciated for his sensitive eye and the modernity of his composition, he was much sought-after by the fashion and luxury goods industries and worked on advertising for perfumers such as Worth and Coty. Sympathetic to the world of work, he immortalized the changing face of industrial France in his photoreportage La France travaille (‘France at Work’, 1932–34), a vast project comprising more than 1,000 proofs and 15 themed booklets, including Verriers et céramistes (‘Glassmakers and Ceramicists’).