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Rouergue glass

OSTRACO pot 06 in Rouergue glass

• Date: 2019

• Designer: Atelier Lucile Viaud

• Place of manufacture: Atelier Silicybine, Arcueil (Val-de-Marne)

• Manufacturing technique: blown using a blowpipe, calibrated using a mould, opened and finished when cold

• Dimensions: H : 15 ; Ø : 13,5

• Credit: ©Atelier Lucile Viaud


Lucile Viaud is an artist and a researcher. She explores the intimate link between materials and landscapes to create natural glass using natural resources harvested in situ and recycled materials. The Ostraco collection features decorative and utilitarian objects in various tonalities, depending on the composition of the glass. Glaz is a marine glass which oscillates between blue and green, the colours being obtained by adding oyster shell ground into a powder. Rouergue glass varies between emerald green and amber green, and makes use of waste materials: sand retrieved from the banks of the Lot in 1976, and snail shells and firewood ash from the Truyère Valley.