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Advertising drawing

Advertising drawing for the perfume “Narcisse bleu”

Date: c. 1940 1940

• Designer: Georges Alexandre Adrien Lepape, illustrator

• Manufacturing technique: pencil drawing on paperboard

• Dimensions: H : 40 ; l : 24,5

Collection: Coll. Coll. International Perfume Museum, Grasse (France)

• Credit: © Coll. Coll. International Perfume Museum, Grasse (France)


This small bottle was designed to hold a perfume called “Extrait Narcisse bleu” and advertised as ‘a more intense bouquet to spray on a dress or fur coat in a light cloud, all the quintessence of this mysterious perfume.’ The moulded decoration in intaglio of stylized narcissi evokes the principal aroma. Finishing for the bottle comprised patinating the narcissi in blue, affixing a label to the central octagon, and adding the stopper. Once complete, the bottle was packaged in a polychrome box lined with paper. This iconic perfume was advertised in the 1950s as one of the best perfumes in the world, and production continued into the 1970s. Georges Lepape, the famous fashion illustrator, designed the advertising in 1941. The final version would be similar to the preparatory drawing on a black background.