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Christmas bauble

“Rotor design” Christmas bauble.

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• Date: 2017

• Designer: Agence gg

• Place of manufacture: CIAV Meisenthal (Moselle)

• Manufacturing technique: blown glass

• Dimensions: H : 8 ; Ø : 9,4

• Collection: CIAV Meisenthal

• Credit: © Guy Rebmeister


‘Nature was mean to mankind in 1858. The great drought deprived the Northern Vosges of fruit and, consequently, Christmas trees of their finery. An inspired glassblower from Goetzenbruck attempted to compensate for this injustice by making some glass balls.’
The Goetzenbruck Glassworks (1721–2005) continued to produce Christmas baubles until 1964. In 1998 the Meisenthal International Glass Art Centre (CIAV) decided to breathe new life into this story. Every year glassmakers experiment the manufacturing technique and revisit the tradition. The Silex bauble echoes the ancestral skills of humanity. The Rotor bauble symbolizes the immutable countdown to Christmas. The Lab bauble appropriates the shapes used in scientific glassmaking to celebrate the alchemy of Christmas.