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Chope by Bling Studio

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• Date: 2018

• Designer: Bling Studio

• Place of manufacture: Glass Museum Workshop, Trélon (Nord)

• Manufacturing technique: blown glass

• Dimensions: H : 36 ; Ø : 23

• Collection: Ecomusée de l’Avesnois

• Credit: © Mathilde Trotin / Ecomusée de l’Avesnois


The vase entitled Chope was designed by Bling Studio (Anaïs Maillard and Charles Corthier) during a residency at the Avesnois Ecomuseum. This piece is one of a series of four vases resulting from a reflection on a piece of natural heritage found in the region of Avesnes: wild hops. The female hop flower contains a substance called lupulin which brewers use to give beer its characteristic bitter taste and make it keep for longer. This work is a reinterpretation of the mug, its lid evoking the lidded drinking recipients first appearing in the 15th century to prevent contamination by the Black Plague. The handle is typical of the genre, while the amber hue recalls the colour of beer.