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Black Cluster II

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• Date: 2015

• Designer : Julius Weiland, artist

• Manufacturing technique: glass, painted, thermoformed

• Dimensions: H : 25 ; l : 25 ; P : 35

• Collection: Coll. MusVerre

• Credit: © Julius Weiland


German artist Julius Weiland creates sculptures from the numerous glass objects he recovers from old factories, including tubes from scientific laboratories, glass rods and other industrial items. The plasticity of his work is surprisingly similar to plastic. The work “Black Cluster II” comprises glass tubes placed into a mould made from heat-resistant plaster which is then exposed to a very high temperature. The tubes melt together to form a single mass. By fixing the material in this way, the artist tries to capture the movement of the glass within a chaotic yet controlled assembly, and plays upon its apparent fragility.